Fun waves

After a run of solid swells over the past 3 months, the Indian Ocean refuses to stop sending playful swells to Rote Island.
Wave heights are around head high at T-Land today.
Boa has started to show good form in the early and latter parts of the day, for those that come to the island specifically to chase the great righthander.
As we move into September Boa will be on offer more often and for longer periods of the day , as the Tradewinds back off to nothing.
Weather wise it’s starting to warm up a little with most days now in the low thirties.
Water temp is as usual 28 degrees.
For the fishermen there has been some good activity in the early mornings for those chasing large Spanish mackerel and wahoo.
All in all it’s just another day in paradise on the island.

Another great surfing day

Early morning surf check showed a marginal drop in wave height.
T-Land is still head to head and a half with the tide on the drop.
Wind is gentle and out of the east.
The direction of the swell has swung more to the south, with the best rides coming off the top of the point.
Average length of rides this morning 200 meters.
All up it’s just another beautiful day here in Nemberala.
Water temp 28 and air temp 29 degrees.

New swell arrived

James second return to Villa Santai
James second return to Villa Santai

A new swell has filled in over night.
With the tide still dropping this morning, T-Land is solid 6 ft.
With the low tide this morning around 8am , we should see an increase in wave heights around 2.5 times head high at the mountain as the tide again fills in.
Winds are perfect, blowing se trade at 10-12 knots.
Being peak season here in Nemberala, there are quite a few Europeans here enjoying their summer holidays.
Also a lot of Aussies escaping the winter in oz.
The forecast again is looking good for the next week , with waves guaranteed everyday.
I know I’ve said this in prior blogs , this season has been very consistent.

Solid south swell hitting Rote Island

IMG_0405As forecasted a solid south ground swell , is slamming onto the reefs around the Island today.
T-Land has consistent 6-8 sets running down the entire reef, with the odd triple over head bomb sets.
The Pyramid section is picking up most of the swell, due to the amount of south in the swell.
The wind is perfect south east trade around 15km/h.
This swell should hang in there at least until tomorrow afternoon.
The forecast for next week is swell easing to around 3-5ft before jumping up again towards the end of the week.
2017 has been an incredible year of consistent surf here on Rote and it doesn’t look like slowing down.
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