Macking swell hitting Timor

IMG_0400 IMG_0403 IMG_0404 IMG_0405 IMG_0406 IMG_0407Today we were greeted with one of the biggest swell to hit this part of Indo in 2017.
T-LAND steaming in at 8-10 foot with a 17 second period wsw swell.
This swell angle opened the door to surf some other places.
Here’s a few shots of where villa Santai’ guests surfed today.
Just the five of us out.
Perfect barrel after perfect barrel.

Swell pumping

After yesterday’s swell push, this morning we were greeted with perfect conditions.
The wind was none existent and consistent 4-5 foot waves at Boa , Sukinamon and T-land being the pick of the three.
Inside mountain was super long and barrels almost every wave.
Numbers in the water didn’t get over 25 over the entire lineup, which gave everyone their fair share of rides.
I personally surfed for two hours and bagged 15 great waves.
The arvo session should be equally as good once the tide drops out.
Water temp is a pleasant 27degrees and the ambient temperature is a balmy 28 degrees.
Just another beautiful day on Rote Island.

New swell

Today we see the arrival of a new ground swell.
As the morning tide filled in, so came the start of a new swell.
The weekend forecast is looking very promising and tomorrow morning wave heights at T-Land and Boa should be well over head.
Later in the coming week a large long period ground swell is looking to arrive here in the 6-10 foot range.and hang in for many days.
This will most definitely open the door to surf multiple surf spots here on Rote Island and the islands nearby.

Over night rain and a nice jump in swell size

Nemberala experienced a nice surprise last night, with a solid down pour of rain, this is not a common occurrence for this part of Indo in July.
On the waves front this morning guests have woken up with a smile on their faces, with perfect light offshore winds and a reasonable jump in swell size.
T-Land has consistent 3-4 ft waves realling down the reef from outside point through to inside pyramid a ride of about 150 meters.
With guest numbers quite light throughout all the accommodation setups here, the ones that are here are in for a great day of uncrowned waves.
Let’s hope the swell hangs in until the end of the weekend at least.

Bring on July

The start to July has been welcomed here in Nemberala.
Swell has increased a little over night, with some over head sets peeling down T-Land reef although a bit inconsistent.
Water temp is hovering around 26 degrees and daytime temp is a constant 28degrees.
Another perfect day on Rote Island.