Surf update

Great conditions this morning in Nemberala.
3-5ft mild offshore winds and excellent swell direction.
This is typical this time of the year, consistent swell and good direction.
Numbers in the water this morning 19 surfers.
Looking like another day in paradise for those that are here.

The fish just keep coming

IMG_0155The great run of wahoo and Spanish mackerel continues.
Each fishing trip it seems the pelagics just keep getting bigger.
This morning produced the biggest fish boated at villa Santai so far this year.
This magnificent wahoo put up a great fight for about 8 minutes,with numerous runs every time we got him close to the boat.
It tipped the scales at 18kg.
Fresh sushi for lunch

Another beautiful day here in Nemberala


Super fun size waves here today, wave heights around shoulder to head high at T-Land with the point doing its thing with some really long rides.
The weekend is looking promising according to the swell charts.
With a mid sized sw swell forecast.
Surfer numbers currently in the village is moderate and the vibe as usual is mellow in the line up with everyone sharing waves.

One for the fishermen

IMG_0146The big pelagic fish Wahoo and Spanish Mackerel have been around in abundance the past two months maybe due to the fact tonnes of baby squid are congregating around the near shore reefs on Rote and nearby off shore islands.
This magnificent Spanish mackerel tipped the scales at 16kg.

New ground swell

Beautiful conditions this afternoon here in Nemberala.
As was forecast a sw long period ground swell has started to fill in.
With the tide starting to push, waves are now running at head high plus from the point right through to inside the mountain.
The wind is blowing constantly light offshore making for some nice fun barrels.
The next few days should be great.

Relax, culture and snorkelling

IMG_0112IMG_0123IMG_0066IMG_0129IMG_0120After a great run of swell for the past 5 weeks, the Indian Ocean has calmed down.
With wave heights here in Nemberala averaging the waist high mark for the past few days.
Our guests were in need of a few other activities, so the call was made to hop in the boat do some trolling which proved to be productive, with a 16kg wahoo boated and a few more lost unfortunately.
We also went to the island of Ndao which is only 30 minutes away ,guests were treated to a very friendly welcoming by local islanders.
We were guided through the very small community where the local ikat weaving ladies were happy to show us their method of making the blankets which is a very time consuming art.
After the guests made a few purchases and with the temperature rising we jumped back on the boat and shot back to Doo island for some snorkelling at a place I call (the fish tank) the visibility was over 30 meters and as usual the beautiful corals and tropical fish had the guests truly amazed.

When only the best will do.

IMG_2346IMG_0111Here at villa Santai we pride ourselves in providing our guests with only the freshest sea food and organic produce available.
Our top notch chefs will tantalise your taste buds with dishes such as chilli mud crab garlic king or tiger prawns and numerous other seafood delights.

We still have a few vacancies available for our super competitive all inclusive packages for the month of June.
Just hope online and send us an email and we will get straight back to you with our great discount rates.

Big Friday

main-bg-3Nice surprise this morning in Nemberala.
Triple over head with the tide pushing in.
Quite a few broken boards and leg ropes for the guys who were under gunned or caught by the bombs which are coming through every 15 mins.
The surf forcast was only showing 3-5ft but it is easily 8-10 with bigger sets.
Boa was unridable due to the strong se Tradewinds that have been around now for the past few days.
The swell looks like hanging around until Sunday, so good news for the crew that are here after some size.

Island style

another beautiful sunset from the Indi Bari
another beautiful sunset from the Indi Bari

The west swell opened up options on where to surf today.
T -Land was easily handling the 6-8ft swell with moderate Tradewinds fanning the waves hitting the reef.
Many surfers were enjoying waves that were pouring into the mountain section, with open dry barrels the order of the day.
Our surf guide suggested a trip to an outer lying island, where our guests were treated to a left and a right throwing up clean 3-4ft barrels.
After 2.5 hours of and numerous tube rides by themselves the call was made to return to villa Santai for some much needed refreshments.
So after a great lunch at around 3pm, the the villas own beachside bar was the place to be to top up on the fluids that needed topping up.
We were all treated to yet another magnificent Nemberala sunset.
And so ended another perfect day in paradise.
Let’s hope tomorrow’s dawn surf check brings us the fruits of today.