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another beautiful sunset from the Indi Bari
another beautiful sunset from the Indi Bar
one bomb unridden
one bomb unridden
James second return to Villa Santai
James second return to Villa Santai
Ronnie taking a beauty!
Ronnie taking a beauty!

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Solid ground swell

imageYesterday Nemberala had its first taste of solid size swell for the 2017 dry season.
Wave heights at T-Land were double over head with some power behind them.
Boa was the same, with the occasional bigger one.
Swell charts are showing 2 back to back stronger ground swells for next week.
A great start to the surf season here in Rote Island.

April swell continues

T-Land continues to please our guests at the villa.
Today wave size consistently 3-4ft with light offshore winds.
The forecast for next few days is looking promising also.
We still have vacancies for this year , so if your thinking of a great surf trip get in contact with us and we will take care of you.

Jump in swell

tland lineupAfter a week of good clean conditions here in Nemberala, the surf has jumped considerably this morning.
T-Land is consistent and breaking all the way through, rides over 200 meters are the norm, due to a good ground swell coming out of the south.
Many waves are going unridden due to there are only 8 surfers in the water.
What a great day to be in Nemberala.

Run of swell continues


The 3-4ft swell is still hanging in there today, with super long rides coming off the point and running all the way down T-Land reef.
Boa has some sweet waves on today as well, with the outside section throwing up some nice over head barrels.
This is a great start to the surf season here on Rote.
Let’s hope the Indian Ocean keeps the swells coming throughout the next nine months.

Surf update

Strong sw swell hitting Nemberala today
T-Land lining up all the way from the point through to the inside of the mountain
Wave height 3-5 ft
Boa 5ft
Sukinamon 4-5ft
Swell looks like hanging in there for the next few days.
Currently numbers in the water are around 10 surfers